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Above Average Auto Removal LLC

Above Average Auto Removal is an established, comprehensive vehicle purchasing enterprise serving the greater Cleveland area for over 15 years. We purchase junk cars and unwanted cars for those individuals looking to sell them, paying top dollar and guaranteeing a smooth, efficient transaction that benefits everybody involved. We pride ourselves on offering top-tier customer service, giving you a full, transparent quote before any purchase takes place, so you know exactly what we’re paying for and why. Our team of experts strives to provide honest pricing, avoiding “bait and switch” operations where our clients are quoted for their vehicles at one price and then put through the transaction process at a different one. We keep our finger on the pulse of the car recycling industry to make sure we are offering the correct prices for everything from scrap metal to intact engine parts. At Above Average, our priority is making sure you don’t get ripped off at any point. Give us a call today for the speedy, efficient and fairly priced car purchase you deserve!

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